Hi Everyone!  This is an email updating you on what we have going on right now.  As you can imagine, we have had a huge response from those that are needing help this season.  We are getting about 100 emails a day and about 100 phone calls a day.  So, if you have reached out to us and we haven’t responded back, please know that we have received your information and we are working through the information at a fast pace in order to get back to you.

We are only serving the state of Georgia.  The counties in the state of Georgia that we are serving are Newton, Rockdale, Dekalb, and parts of Gwinnett County.  If you are outside of those counties, I apologize, but we do not serve those areas at this moment.

Please do not submit your information more than once.  Once you submit your information the first time, we do get it.  If you submit your information more than once, it takes us a little longer to get through the list to contact everyone.

We currently have toys available for boys and girls, ages, 2-8.  That is what we have left.  We have been able to help about 100 families and we are going to help as many as we can.  At this time we do not provide rental assistance or any financial assistance.  In the near future we may start to offer that, but right now we do not.

Even if you are not in our current area right now, we still do offer online workshops for those in all areas.  In January, we will be doing an online line class about how to do your taxes for under 100.00 or for free.  Please look out for that.  If you just are not interested in learning how to do them, we will prepare them for you for under 200.00.  Please do not go out here paying 300.00-600.00 to get your taxes done.  Also please beware of getting these Refund Anticipation Loans.  Do you know how much interest that they charge?  A lot.  You will end up owing a lot more.  It just isn’t worth it.  Learn how to do them for free or let us do it for you at a low cost.  We will be sending out updates about this within the next few weeks.

Also, I would like to touch on something else really quickly.  What are you doing to place yourself in a better financial situation?  We all go through times, me included, where we need assistance.  The goal is to place yourself in a position to get yourself out of your position so that you can be a blessing to others.  You can start a business where you are able to write off a portion of your mortgage, your rent, home office, utilities, and more.  You will be able to create a legacy for your children.  These are things that you should think about.  How do I know?  Well, I run a Consulting Agency and a Travel Agency.  I absolutely love what I do.  I am able to work from home and be with my family.  This isn’t a pipe dream though.  I worked hard and I still work hard to provide for my family.  I was able to take my children on 6 vacations this year because of my travel benefits.  I say all of this to say, set a goal, to not to have to be in the same position that you are in right now.  I understand that things happen beyond our control.  However, let’s take small steps to get a big positive end result.  We will be doing a webinar about this as well if you are interested.

If you are in Dekalb, Newton, and Rockdale Counties, please reply back to this email with your kids’ ages, gender, and we will be in touch with you before the end of this week.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us.

Happy Holidays!