About Us

The Single Parent’s Ministry Inc. was born in December 2014.  Before I got married, I was a single parent to my son.  I never considered myself a single parent with my daughter because her father(my now husband) and I were amazing co-parents.  My son, I have sole custody of.  As a single parent, I had and still have an amazing support system.  My parents live within an hour of us and they are amazing grandparents.  The kids have awesome God Parents and our village is secure.

I know that everyone isn’t as lucky as we are though.  I wanted to do something to give back to my community.  I wanted to help others as we were helped.  Thus, The Single Parents Ministry was born.  We are a Human Services Organization that donates toys, clothes, food, financial resources, and we give referrals to other organizations when we cannot help.

Each year we partner with United Way/Toys For Tots to help other families during the holidays.  For the second year in a row, we have been a Distributor with United Way to make sure that we are able to reach and help all of the families that we serve.  We also have back 2 school functions and we celebrate each milestone with our families.

I do this because I love to see the smile on the parents face knowing that their child will have an amazing holiday, birthday, and an amazing school year.